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another day... more of the mouse.

Hey homies... I keep feeling like I'm reading along in my favorite book and I turn the page to find the next chapter missing... ahhhhh... actually, I've been able to get through some of the posts... but it's a total biatch to 'reply' to 'replies'... I hope my friends understand that I'm not ignoring them!!!!!
Today was a pretty cool day. First of all it was beautiful outside... We had a good start to the day with work related stuff, but I blew off the closing cerimonies to the conference to go to lunch in a place called the "Rainforest Cafe" at Downtown Disney... apparently there are a few of these places around the states. It was cool. My bud and I managed to get through lunch and made it back to the conference facility to get to the begining of our courses... I'm taking a course for the rest of the week and then write an exam on Friday... it's a certification exam for something called ITIL... if you're a geek and into "process management frameworks" you might know what this is...
Note: all pics are dam huge and will load in a seperate browser window...
We had ZERO chance to go to Titisville and watch the launch of the shuttle up close but I did watch it from here at Disney... I took some flicks from the dock in front of my hotel.
The first pic is just as it takes off, infront of the moon no-less!
The second is as it's begining the solid rocket release (although you can't tell from the pic)
The third is just a dam cool shot of the vapour trail breaking up in the light of the vanishing sun.
I managed to get a little something into the US Postal service for my super fine lj friend Sixtyten ... it's her birthday today and she rawks!!!!!
I phone home a couple of times a day... once to talk to the boiz before bed and again to talk to Z before she goes to bed... George went into this big story about the different ways he's going to hug me when I get home... I was cry'en for like 10 minutes after that... (snif). I really miss my boiz and Zebra. don't get me wrong... this is fricking heaven here, but still, those guys and Z are my life!!!!
anyways, it's time to try and catch up on some friends...
later lj.

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