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Day 2 Florida

Ok, first of all...
I have no idea what's up with Hotmail but I'm having trouble reading mail and havent been able to reply to anybody about anything!!!
Wow... what a day. I went to bed wayyyy to late last night and had a serious argument with the 'wake up' call this morning... the telephone lost! I was supposed to be in a seminar at 7:30, then there was a schedule of stuff to attend, take notes, blah blah blah all day. I got up at 8:30, met my buddy - also slept in - for a leisurely breakfast and then we proceded to blow off the entire day!!! We went to "Disney Town"... a kind of shopping visiting mecha in the middle of the Disney zone. Took some cool pics... I don't have image editing tools on this handheld and the pics are way too huge for lj posting so I'll try and put in a link to a picture or two... If you click one - remember it's big.
My buddy is busy building a cool home theater in his basement and was totally jazzed by a "signed" Matrix poster - all framed and cool - in this autograph store... $1000 canadian dollars later he would have bought it and had it shipped home. I talked him out of it. I took a picture of the signature... we bought a $12 Matrix poster (you know, all rolled up in a tube) and I told him I'd forge the signature and he could frame it... savings? at least 900 canadian!
We saw loads of classic Disney!
We chilled in a theater watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (by the way, thats the name of an actual Kung Fu form)... very cool movie - although you have to get by all the flying. Apparently the flying deal is that the story is actually an old story brought to life and the author was writing from the point of view of the common man in the day of the characters... to the common man the capabilities of the senior martial artists were percieved of as super hero like and describing their actions as 'flying' was par for the course.
We met the boss for dinner and she was fine with the 'blown day'... hehehe!
We're hoping to go to the shuttle launch tomorrow - cool!
Later lj.
Time to try to catch up a bit on my friends.

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