Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

squirts a little ketchup...

Birthday Ketchup Time

Lets see who's on the bases...

Way back on March 13th... applelard and pasticcio celebrated birthdays...

Happy Birthday Jen... Although I'm not ever really likely to forgive Jen, applelard for taking down my fav icon of her (a beautiful picture of her hair), I can say that she's been on my list since very close the very begining of all this... and she's been a kind a considerate friend. I do hope this is a great year for you sugar... you deserve to walk with the winds of happiness blowing gently against your back.

Happy Birthday Angela... my lil'western girl... :D I will always appreciate your willingness to help me out with your Travel-Queen talents... and it is a great pleasure to see so much fun coming out in your journal. I do hope you have a wonderful year ahead and I look forward to holding on to our friendship. :D

Now... a wee bit ahead... and it's March 14th...

Happy Birthday Miss Friged (kat69m) and I know you're nowhere in sight... so you are hopefully out there enjoying your life and being treated to lifes many little treats. :D Have a great year where ever you are sugar.

And today!!! March 16th...

Happy Birthday to mariposadyke Jenn... ya big goofy dyke bwaahahaha... You cannot imagine how much personal satisfaction I get out of saying that... of course you are another MIA girl... prol'y wandering lost in the wilds of Oregon. :D Happy Birthday sugar... and I hope happiness lives with you where ever you are. :D

and... AND a great big Happy Birthday to wizbanger A girl that sneaks in and out of the worlds I get to see... It's wonderful that you're here and enjoying yourself. I hope this year brings you as many of lifes precious pleasures as you can hold on to... and maybe even a few to burst out of that grip... :D Keep being exactly as fun and whisical as you have always been sugar... you are a treat!!! Have a wonderful year.

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