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Moonday. :)

My cell phone is about 3 years old now... it's one of those "talk to me" models so I can record names and tell it to "Call Bob" etc. I take great pleasure from assigning dorky names to people and calling them by saying those dorky names... My best friends' name? "HomeyHomeboy" My other best friend, the seriously jewish guy? "Get Me The Rabbi" (as in, flip open the phone and when it say's "who would you like to call?" I say "Get me the rabbi"... and away it goes...) My parents? "Call UNITS" My Boss? No... this is a public post... can't say that here... and if you're reading this boss... I promise... it's a very complimentary and uplifting name... really... bwaaahahaha...

~ green ftls
~ black jeans
~ red golf shirt (p-z)
~ gray sweater... still chill yo!
~ not sure... but my bosses are talking a lot about some client gigs that they want to send me on... so meeting about those seems likely
~ build some kind of error control into that VB freakout Excel spreadsheet... Is there a VB community in LJ? or is VB too uncool?
~ FireFly tonight... (weeeeee)
~ I have sooooooooooo got to see a man about a horse... sweet geezus...
~ I could, just once, chose to get up, instead of smacking the alarm clock and diving back under the covers... (and yeah, when it actually matters... I'm up... but ... )
~ Ms. Austin... the traffic chick... (amyaustin) enjoys her diff schedule this week (personally... that's up-way-too-early for humans... )
~ to remind wbahner to never eat pizza again... er... like you can do that... :) :D
~ to send a few good vibes out to my lil'sugar in far far away finland... I hope you can catch those vibes sleep_walker... :)
~ that canuckgirl enjoys the snow day... :)
~ to just kick it out there that I think kristenactually is kinda precious...
~ and that all the best heal'en and love'en vibes I have are all over my friend kattaryna ... take care sugar.

K... This whole Mega City Amalgamation thing... what a total screw up... I cannot believe how big a mistake this has been for our city... and I imagine for the other suckers that were sold this bill of goods in other cities. I'd love to write a good two page rant about this... but ... can't... time's a waist'en. :) I gotta git. :D
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