Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


hey lj... holy lj withdrawl batman!!!
I remember being in Fla on spring breaks and it was hot...
It's frick'en cold here man. No snow... I'm wearing a shirt... but it
sure as hell aint hot!!
We had a conference related event tonight at Universal Studios theme park ... the company rented this whole bar - The Mowtown - and everybody got stupid there. We (boss and work bud) did a bunch of client relationship stuff but I still managed to dance as the night wore thin... I went over to a place called "The Groove" and wandered past the line up, the guy taking tickets and opened the door like this was just very normal ... and went in. It was all light show, smoke, subwoofers from hell thumping serious dance hall... I made stupid for a while - like just a couple of songs - to activate the 'corto happy feet' and then went back to the mowtown to dance there for a while... I even danced with my boss...
The whole non drinker thing paid off in that I ended up in the serious business related discussion with a new client and had a good talk with my boss when we went back to the resort...
That big demo we did last week for the grocery store chain is paying off... they asked for a quote today, and indicated a preference for out toys... yeah us.

So, dig...
The carabean beach resort ... the one we got upgraded from... the one that was a cab ride away or a 20 minute walk from the conference center ... is also the the hotel that is hosting another converence... a conference with representatives from all over the USA... a conference with a huge competition that will be filmed for sports television... It's the national cheerleaders conference...
man... sugar in one hand (upgraded room, closer) and a big smack upside yo head in the other hand.... :D lol!!!

Hey, just a note, but I pulled of a 'word 'em up, homeslice' today... the look on the guys face was priceless...
Ok, I gotta sleep.

Janedeau is now officially a superhero. Her cape has been doffed. Way to go jane and welcome Zoe. I am totally thrilled for you guys... I hope grey is well...
I remember working myself into a fever within two days of the first baby comming home... :D

peas all over.

oh, and Lakme? You grooven sisstah? And what about maura? Sugar I hope you are well and that your strength (even though you call it numbness) hasn't faded... you are certainly in my dayly thoughts and prayers.


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