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Yabba dabba doooooooooooooo!

Hey LJ ... I am so totally in Disney World.

Word'em up, homeslice ... yehaaaa

Typical flights ... pit stop in Phily and some delays but ...

We arrive at the Carabean Beach Resort to find our room res's (me, boss, buddy) are totally tossed ... problems with the hotel... my boss watches in awe as I through a freak attack.. (all contrived mind you) and managers on phones like crazy and we are now wickedly upgraded and moved to the Yatch Club Resort in a kicken room like 5 minute walk from the conference facility... instead of a 20 minute cab ride!!!!!!

Now, my lj access is modem only from a shitty hotel pbx and I'm using my hand held... so reading all my friends out is a hard proposition... but I'll keep try'ing...
Somebody tell me if janedeau has logged on to say if she and zoe are doing well... I'm just dying to know...

I have an early day tomorrow so this is a short visit...

I finished writing the valentine cards on the airplane... I made card with stuff... I think they're great but I'll wait for feedback... I'm gonna mail 'em from the Disney post office - I'm hoping for cool stamps... we'll see.

I miss'ed you guys this evening (how sad is that... what a goof).

Hey, I wanted to say "HEY" to my friend sixtyten... Allison... you ok sugar? Did I see a bummed allison post earlier?
anyways, later lj.

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