Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday? Is it thursday already? March 11

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bwwwwahahahahaa... *snort*... sorry... um...
I mean... Grrrrrr, avast... *hack... cough*... er... A-Vast-Arrrrg.

K, I have a big box of WICKED FRESH starbucks choco covered espresso beans... aka Fresh Crack.
My co-workers swarm like a highschool kids when the dealer shows up on Friday...
That was yesterday... Moments ago a coworker dude demurred with a wild look having had a handful yesterday.
... and actually heard myself saying over the cube-wall... "Ha! You're just afraid of my crack!".
... and there was much laughter. :D

~ one leather boot, and a worn peg
~ with blue ftls...
~ black jeans, p-z shirt and a lovely black sweater... with a pirate red stripe...
~ had a epiphany last night about this big honking REP project thing at work... going to present a big change to the boss today.
~ try desperately to get enough done today, so I can afford to go to a lunch thing with some old co-workers tomorrow... (eating Tex-Mex ... which sounds a whole lot like jennfromtx... so I hope she's all shaved and washed... er... oh man... I'm going to die today... I just know it...)
~ It's a Survivor night... :D :D :D
~ to point out that getting your cup-o-joe from the office coffee maker DIRECTLY from the little spout when you start making a new pot. .... what?
~ that my friend tiarafetish has a great day... a great week... great everything... just 'cause... :D
~ for a little sunshine to warm my friend sneetches...
~ for the things that she wants most to find their way to the warm places on mspish...
~ and that kristenactually enjoys her new digs. :D
~ I could go for a short walk and find myself in front of krizsa... that way I could smile at her in person. Avast...

Regarding Picton, British Columbia.... Brick Top Polford said it and said it well in Snatch ... Never trust a pig farmer.
Of course, the Jewish members of the Picton community are all giggling behind their hands...
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