Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

A little Birthday Ketchup


A day late, or three hundred and sixty four days early!! :D

Happy Birthday out to joggingguy
I know you are not much in attendance in these parts of late, so I'm gonna guess that this means you're busy living life instead of talking about it... and I do hope that you and your family have a wonderful year ahead. To your very good health my friend. :D

And to Ward!! wbahner, who will always register in my brain as Web Hammer... Happy Birthday... May you find your life painted with the brightest colours of friendship possible bro... I hope you have a great year ahead and I look forward to holding the thin strings of contact that i have the good fortune to have found with you.

Relatively on-time!! (wohoo! :D)

Happy Birthday Kyssie... kysrinaria. You are a rare and precious soul in the world today and I hope the fights that have left their chalk marks in your world stay away... and let you live the life you have earned. May this be a year free from the burden of what lurks within and be filled with the moments of happy memories in the making.

And Happy Birthday to you too Lisa... moxafoot!! Here's to massages, long standing friendships, and dreams of days yet to be held as cherished memories. :D

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