Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ack... my back is a mess. I've no idea what happened... it started hurting yesterday and now I'm crawling around like a dead person. Lower left... So ... who's coming over to give me a massage?


I'm going down to my "boxes of books put away" storage zone in the basement... in there are dozens and dozens of books from my reading explosion... started in about grade 11 and went like mad till I was about 30. I mean, I still read, but not like a mad man... :D Any ways... the goal... to find my Robert Heinlen collection... (literally, everything he ever authored) and garner from that box the series of books that are refered to as the "Juvinile Collection." A series of books originally published in weekly serial science fiction newspapers in the 1950's... All of this to say... George is ready for a few of those and I'm looking forward to reading them with him. :D

oh... and would someone please take a hit out on Billy Boy Hung... his 15 minutes ended a while ago and they just don't know how to stop. pawwwwleeese!
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