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another S2 Update

Breaking News: New York Post & sun media - Holy Crap!
The depth of the Og tribes' displeasure with poor looser boi Kel (booted this week) is finally understood. Remember the tribe all kind of laughing and acting very strained when he came back from 'where ever' to assure them he wasn't eating secret food… and scary-jerry started showing her true colours - basically that would be "blue body glove" but I'm talking about being a tad bit evil. Well they (the show) said Looser boi (kel) heard them talking about him from up in the hill!!!! Uh huh… yea well, the new york post reports that after the lil'Hitler youths riffled his pack they set off into the bush with a camera crew to catch him in the act of eating… Well they didn't! Catch him eating that is… they sprung their little trap to find him masturbating in a lil'private spot. (apparently all true)… and then, of course, the whole tribe of Ogs vote him off… Nope, he didn't have any beef jerky… but jerky none-the-less!

Mrs. Brady (tina) is the second person we have had the pleasure to watch PUKE. And let me tell you, when they were eating all the sicko outback delicacies… well it was harsh. We were supposed to feel all bad for poor Mouth (kimmi) not eating brain 'cause it goes against her vegetarian rules and regs… and I would have except just when I was about to feel a tiny bit of empathy for it theres Jeff - let's call him the Hatchling (he's a bit of a Richard Hatch wanna-be) - Hatchling from the KU's tribe… making little gag reflex, fake puke noises at Mrs Brady while she's try'en to down some tripe (cow intestine?)… and of course she heaves big time. But laughing my sox off at Hatchling ended the pity party for the Mouth. Oh, and did ya notice what a beautiful smile Hatchling has? Almost scary right there… this guy is the guy to watch out for… for sure.

I was gonna dis a bit on Amber but decided to be nice to her. She was quiet as a mouse the whole show. Hmmm are they saving her for something evil down the road? You bet! Just look at the camp counsellor (probst)… he fricking loves torturing these people.

They had the reward challenge of jumping off a cliff, unhooking an anchored box and getting said box to a specific down-stream campsite. For this they get blankets. The KU's were really hoping for that prize so they could stuff something in the Mouth's mouth and get some sleep but as chance would have it… Farmer Bob (roger) can't freaking swim!!! Well dough!!! They're still listening to the Mouth.

The OG's, meanwhile, winners of the blankets are just a big big ball of goofy. Just like last time, one tribe is all fun and happiness (OG's) and the other (KU's) is so intense that they should all be put on xanax and made to lie still for a while.

KU's: Silver Panty girl (Alicia - she of the washboard tummy) is always strutt'en about in her lil'silver bikini bottoms… and has the look of Lynda Hamilton in all other ways… You know all Terminator 2 Lynda Hamilton like… a belt of 3030 shells draped across her shoulder and a huge ass gun in her arms. The Hatchling is, well, scary. Michael is a big big freak, bottom line. The Mouth and Coconuts Girl (Elizabeth - the wee bitty little girl that prol'y call's everyone in gym class Coconuts!) have both adopted the "braid bits of cloth into your hair and look all goofy" fashion statement - sheesh. Oh, and Nick remains a total mystery so no nick name for nick J

OG's: laz'en about in the current of the nearby river, sleep'en in the sun, searching through peoples stuff. The cook that can't cook is replaced by the actress that doesn't act but can make tortias. Looser bois' jerken off in the bushes, Mrs. Brady's barfing, amber and coby lie low and the old dame of the tribe looks on in fricking terror.

Bottom Line: S2 is a show about Jeff (The Hatchling) and Jerri (Scari-Jerry) and the people they arranged around them to be fodder for their evil doings.

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