Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 8...

Wave's hello... It's snowy, white, and cold out there...
Mother nature must have scared Spring away...
and considering the amount of crack she's been smoking...
this comes as no big shocker.

I need a hair cut... but I only managed to sort out the boys getting cuts this weekend. I'll have to step up to the scissors later this week.

Odd thought of the moment: Turkey... the place... is remarkably beautiful. I wonder if I will ever visit it? I mean, I've never been to PEI...

~ blue ftls
~ black jeans
~ gray t
~ gray sweater...
~ if black and dark is "slimming"... I'm practically invisible today.
~ more of the same today... must get the whole "object linking and embedding" paradigm to rise above all expectations and actually work....
~ FireFly tonight... (and I got the news about [ :: Serenity :: ]!! :D :D)
~ try to make some headway on the art gallery web site...
~ man, I really need to see a man about a horse...
~ I had a 17 (or 19! hahaha) inch LCD monitor... the NEC looks nice... I'm thinking I like the narrow bevel designs... now, I need to rob a bank...
~ that a long time friend and very sweet girl, shebear manages to make today a better day... ya know...
~ I had a ring side... or is that "trampoline side", seat at mscantbwrong's house...
~ that wee cody gets better... er... that would be one of katie8471's crew
~ there was a way to really express the many notions of love ...
I mean, if I tell you I love you, then I mean it.
Does that threaten you? It shouldn't. It's not romantic love... and I wont stop.
I will never tire of experimenting with the boundaries that define the love I can have.
Love is a gift you give yourself by sharing with others. and all that I am, is made to be more
when I take love by the hand and walk it with it to you.

A belated but much thought of birthday wish for a very good friend.
Happy Birthday Debby
debby has been friend for many years and in that time I've had the pleasure of sharing a great deal of my life and thoughts with her.
We've earned one another’s friendship in good times and in bad... and while the wheel slowly - too slowly sometimes - turns through those times... I know for certain that there are many many wonderful times waiting for this woman this year. I am beyond excited for you with the new digs deal!!!
Sweet Debby... thank you for your friendship... and I do sincerely hope that you and your lovely family stay healthy and happy as this next year becomes the stuff of memory. May you find the strength to deal powerfully with those that push your buttons, and may you find the opportunity to be well entertained by the life that is before you.

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