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~ wireless router... all secure... I think...
~ old linksys... fully deployed with that Apple G4 (ps. thanks for the info back there)
~ linksys telephone support is surprisingly good!
~ Alias sucked tonight... maybe... maybe if they had put a dozen bullets in Lauren it would have improved... but it felt like, as z commented, they didn't have enough material for an epi so they kept replaying parts ... like we would be ok with this.??!!! grrrrr

~ my mother handed my brother and I bundles again... she's kept stuff... you know... an everthing in the universe level of stuff... She did this last year with pictures from life and childhood...
This time it was a bundle of papers. I love it when we get stuff like this.
Old grade school report cards, letters I wrote from trips away from home...
Ambulance reciepts from, er, being between the ages of 13 and 18.
Stuff... like;
A letter home from Vancouver. Me? 13... first trip away from my mothers arms... and it included airplanes and traversing the country. My letter home to her... included loads of info (same spelling mistakes as today btw) but it includes this next section, with very little fan fare... (exact text)
... the flight! When I got to Toronto I go on my next flight all right, but when my plane took off and we got not more than 16 miles out of Toronto when we... the pilots... realized that we were flying in a broken air plane. Nothing terrible, but we had to fly all the way back to Ottawa, and make a fuel dump over the Gatineau Hills and then have an emergency landing in Ottawa (at the airport). We had the plane fixed in about 2 hours and we took off again.
Ok, I dunno about you... but now... with Geo and Edward firmly visualized in my head... I can only imagine how my mom must have sat down at this point in the letter. gah... I want to bust out laughing here...

Ok. I got squat done tonight on projects... but there's always tomorrow.

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