Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

girl slights girl...
so the slighted one smiles and makes like nothings wrong,
goes home and phones a friend to talk about it.
next day she talks to another friend...
then she stews.
maybe she investigates how she can change ...
maybe the slight was over a piece of clothing... TRASHES IT,
or her hair... CUTS IT... or whatever...
she doesn't talk to the slighter for weeks.
the run into one another in a social setting.
She's polite but rather stand-off-ish.
The original slighter notices the stand-off-ish-ness
goes home and phones a friend to talk about it.
Days go by...
They prol'y both send each other emails.
They have a phone call and agree that was wrong in the first place,
and they really out to go out soon.
They're both pissed off
they don't talk for a few more weeks.
Eventually, a third party friend wants to do something
It was going to include the slighter and the slightee...
She mediates a truce and ... miracle of miracles...
they make up and life goes on.

boy slights a boy
so the slighted one calls the slighter a dick.
he calls him a jack off in return
twenty seconds go by...
they've forgotten it completely.
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