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I'm such a git... I tell myself ... I warn myself... "don't read lj until after you've watched the survivor tape" but do I remember after reading to geo? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Anyways... tonight Geo pounded from the 2 to 10 times table without any mistakes.
This is only a big deal in so far as he really was stuck on counting his fingers for most of them about 3 weeks ago.

So five minutes - not a minute more... not a minute less - per night for 21 days and he's got it.
He's in grade three and I know other kids in his class have had the times tables a while ago, but he tends to focus more on his arts... and cursive writing and science... but math... not his strongest element.
He is well pleased with himself... but not half as pleased as I am with him. Now we start on the 11-20 tables...

Dinner at my folks was nice... but the after dinner entertainment was watching me zoom all over the house getting a new wireless router setup. If I had remembered to "release" the address from the wired router before I started swapping nics for wireless access cards ... it would have been way easier. :D

Home... and straight into pj pants. It's a pj pants kinda night.

Next up... Survivor tape, friends and then back here to geek a bit on a web site for my mom's gallery.
Her site [ :: Josie's Watercolours :: ] is fine... but needs some content updates... however, the gallery site is brand new.

Ok... see ya.

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