Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Birthday Catch-Up Time

March 2
hockeybrat Happy Slightly Late Birthday sugar Jen... and while you may be one of like sixty "Jens" on my friends page... you're still a one of a kind girl... I hope you're birthday was a smashing success, but mostly I hope this next year is marked with good health and good fortune for you and your little family. :D

and a similarly Slightly Late Happy Birthday to shadesong... it took an act of desperate and nasty people to bring us together but here we are! :D I do hope you enjoy this next year... you're several years away from your sexual prime sugar... so practice practice practice... :)

Only a wee bit less late, are my birthday wishes for sweet starlazdaze... Hey R-Girl... I know this has been a busy year and you're very likely never going to see this... but know that my very best wishes for you and your new hubby are with you. Have a wonderful year little sugar... um... you pregnant yet? (lol!!)

and on to today!!

Happy Birthday Heather... hlu in far away distant Sweden... you don't have to speak swedish to understand swedish quality (or so the elna advert told me ever so long ago) Have a wonderful year and may your dogs be ever healthy and happy. :D

Happy Birthday to a wonderful new(ish) mom and wonderful girl... kea... I hope you and your man... and your darl'en little one have a great year ahead and that you paint the pictures of dreams coming true for yourself Katie.


... and a very happy birthday memory to an interesting woman who shone like a brilliant star in the night sky of so many lives... may she forever shine and bring peaceful happiness to all who knew and loved her... You are a treasure in my heart and memory dearest Dawn...
Today was dawnmarie's birthday... may she rest in peace and be comforted by the spirits that guide her precious soul.

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