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Thursday, March 4

D'ya ever get up on the wrong side of the planet?
Not nasty... just wishing the sun was setting again so you could too...
After my shower... after shaving... I stumbled back to the bed and fell in beside a very warm, and deeply sleeping little Edward.
Suz and Geo were downstairs, mid-flight on the morning pre-school fly-by... and Edward was soooo warm I almost decided to forget the day and let myself slide.
Almost ... but not quite... sorta like Bush being human...
Anyways... it's 9:30 and here I be... work'er bee for another day.
(and no cracks about what an outrageous slacker I am... :D)

~ red ftls
~ beige dockers... wrinkle proof... whole unlike my face
~ a beige t hiding under a dk blue turtleneck.
~ to make sense out of some Middlesex clues to making Excel be my bitch ...
~ writing a wee something in a bit about peace love and understanding...
~ thank Mz CrackTastic (mother nature) for the joy that is red grapes... (my morning munchie)
~ It's a Survivor night...
~ to point out that I remain a die hard fan of all things Amy Austin Like... (er... that's amyaustin). :D
~ to remind ya... you don't go to Belgium without your towel... period.
~ that the next two weeks pass without ANY broken anythings (bones yo!) in the world of angryvixen and his circleness... circlek
~ for a grand day to find my new friend mspish... what a great journal...
~ for good health to stay with my pal knightsdawn...
~ for a do-over to make it's way to willedit...

[ :: WWBD :: ]... bwaahahaha... snort...

Hey... thanks for being such a bunch of supportive eggs yesterday with el-wackjob...
Sometimes the name corto translates into target instead of short I suppose.
In the end...I'm mostly teflon to that stuff... but it's sometimes nice to just get all buss'en and let it out.
What you leave pent up... finds a way to squeek out... and that's usually not a pretty thing.
Better to make the choice to open the steam valve and blow.

HEY... DID YOU HEAR? They're gonna make a firefly movie... called "Serenity"!!!! (thanks mags baby...) :D

ps. my watch, woefully (huh? sp?) not electronic but decidedly mechanical... has no concept of daylight savings time or leap year... let alone the fact that February doesn't even get a knuckle on that how many days each month hath thing... so my lovely "dress up watch" is busy telling me it's March 2. I gotta fix that... of course that would mean actually doing something... and, you know, I spend every waking second on my computer so when would I find the time... bwaahahaha... *choke*... *cough* ... :D

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