Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


words to live by...

accept them for who they are
not who you want them to be.


Spent last night cleaning and "putting away" because carpet cleaner dude was comming this morning at 9:00 ... Went to bed at 3:20 and up at 8:30 to shovel the laneway and deal with kiddies... and guess what... no carpet dude. (insert long arrrggg noise here!)


My heart is filled with total flutter attacks for my pal Jane. I'm thinking she's prol'y figured out how it must feel to poop out a moderate size watermellon by about now... Yah!!!

- errrggg - and my heart is on an official time share with concern for my remarkably special long time friend mauracelt. May a first class ticket fall out of the heavens and land on your toes... then you go and pour warm pudding on all your sibs!!!

Ok, lots to do today... later.
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