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Tuesday, March 2.

Well... the rain rain rain comes down down down in rushing rising rivlets... and piglette floats by on a chair...
Winter has given way to a mild March with melting snow, fog and rain... of course, we could still have several feet of snowy torture ahead of us so I'm not putting the shovels away quite yet.

Can you dig this... ?? A kid in Eastern Canada... I think in grade 5 or 6... was suspended for three days from school because he refused to accept the original punishment of removing a comment he posted on a message board that was negative about his teacher... and another boy put up his own web site with similar negativity. The comments were things like "I haven't learned a thing all year... [ the teacher ] really picks on the boys...". This was stuff the kid did on his own time, off school property. I am utterly stunned. It's not like he made death threats... hell, he didn't even swear. Can they suspend him for dissing his teacher while on the phone to his little friends? If that was my kid I would take a week off work and picket the school.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers... yes I still need new ones...
~ black t-shirt (it's starting to lose that "jet black" thing)
~ big comfy turtleneck...
~ ok, not planned, but I did get to talk to England (knightsdawn) a moment ago... :D
~ well, one project has been cancelled so I'm back to exactly what I was working on before I left... more on the REP documents.
~ wrestle with Excel macros...
~ walk over to Giant Tiger and by something snack like...
~ watch FireFly tonight... taped last night... :)
~ start looking at a new layout for the [ :: gallery page :: ] on my web site...
~ begin a layout for my dads web site...
~ to send some warm and friendly vibes out to kysrinaria... just 'cause.
~ for things to keep on keep'en on for anney as she redraws the picture of her life...
~ to send a little positive energy out to my friend hotblue...
~ and some house-selling vibes for my long long time friend willedit...
~ that reens finds the child care she needs ...!!!

Yeah, so Jean Bertrand... the megalomaniac of Haiti... is saying he was kidnapped by the US and spirited away.
While that is most likely untrue for many many reasons... even if it is true... maybe he could drink him self of lovely cup of who-fucking-gives-a-shit-you-homicidal-maniac!
Whatever ever torture the Haitian people are now putting themselves through by being a bunch of uneducated backwards ass idiots - riots, looting, etc... - they are sooo better off.

Now... I've a few Lj friends that live in South America... what do you think about this situation? I'd love some closer-to-the-action opinions on this... I'm open to being educated, but from what I've known to date.. Aristide is a total nut job killing machine...

ps. Don't you love how all the interview radio moments broadcast on the Haiti thing... basically sound like edits from Live And Let Die... hahahaha... Imagine how many little bowls of chicken giblets are being waved around by dancing voodoo priests down there right now... (and yes, I'm making fun of someone else’s religion... sue me... )
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