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Ok, I just bought me some expensive money... US$ cost a bunch of Canadian $$$'s....

I am just so dam happy right now it's gotta be illegal... First of all I've finished the hard part of the Valentine cards I agreed to send out to my LJ banditos... now all that is left is to 'assemble the art form' and write a little something and mail 'em off... they'll be postmarked before the deadline... Monday. I'm liking them, by the way... I'll post the images in my journal later...

I have about 45 minutes left in this week and then the next stop is Florida - wooot! It occurs to me that I will miss music... I really need a sony disc man.

Ok, Jagged Pill and PugLover... my two dolls in Hollywood... should be contracted by the LA tourist bureau as the city ambassadors... Reading their journals has totally turned me around on the idea of visiting LA. I had previously been convinced that LA was not the place to visit... various reasons. But that opinion is way WAY in the "old news" department...

Speaking of news... I took the advice of an LJ buddy today and checked out this morning... This was clearly an idea that a couple of guys came up with.... The fact that the woman delivers the very serious news with a completely straight face all the time removing articles of clothing just totally cracks me up... And it's sourced in Toronto, Canada!!! hahahaha.

{{{Hugs}}} to Lakme for the crumb mood she's stuffed into... although she's at work now and wont see this... hmmm

It is remarkably good that there is no camera in the elevators at work... when I'm in this kind of a mood (good mood) I am a complete nimrod in the elevators... dancing around ... no seriously ... you have got to believe it is really fricking strange behavior for an adult and you know what???? I DONT CARE hahahahahaaa!!! (yup, I'm nuts.)

Maura? Have you left yet... have a great time sugar...

Ok, I gotta get... but before I go... :

The lights are low...
You've just come from the shower and having let your bathrobe fall, you pause before pulling on a night shirt.
A whisp of a breeze smelling something like the ocean but dressed up with incense is creeping in through a crack in the window.
You can hear .... nothing really.
It's almost too dam quiet.
You're standing at the foot of your bed and suddenly goose bumps wash over your body.
Every teeny little hair on your body is straining to stick straight out.
A slight movement at the edge of sight draws your eyes up to the mirror with a mixture of terror and longing.
Nothing... you see no one.
No question... there is the feeling of breath on your neck and words begin.
Every word you have ever typed into your journal.
Repeated back to you in a whisper.
You are frozen in time... the goose bumps will not quit... your eyes are squeezing themselves shut.
Unseen arms wrap around you.
Time passes as the entire journal is read back to you...
When it ends the whisper is replaced by short breaths...
The goose bumps fade but your eyes will not open.
The arms begin to loosen and you hear the voice, louder this time,
......"Thank you...
........I will always love you...
.......when you look back, will forever find a friend,
.......and I will never ever forget you."

(yup... he's a goof... but he seems oddly comfortable with that....)

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