Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Two of our kitchen cabinet fronts (the doors)
have laminat (vinyl I think) problems and we've
contracted with this indi cabinet mfg dude to
fix 'em for us.
The solution is starting to look like we're going
to replace the cupboard doors with glass front
cabinet doors. The drop is that we have to do
a little shuffling of what is stored in what cabinet.

Curiosity: changing where stuff is in your kitchen
cabinets is the stuff of many weird moments...
looking in a cupboard and for a fraction of a second,
being utterly lost...
"what was I looking for? what the hell? why is this here? oh yeah..."

Car stuff is progressing well.
I managed to get the mounting panel off the car
and actually used a piece of wood to reconnect
the mirror casing to the mounting panel; screws
through plastic to hold it in (actually have a screw
through the mirror casing... looks kinda funny...)
and a lot of industrial glue - calking gun stuff.
It's curing in a vice tonight and I put it back on
tomorrow. If it's a go, I've saved at the very
least $100... so I'm happy. :D

I've been watching Snatch in small bite sized pieces...
especially when the kids are not-in-the-house or
dead asleep. "fuck" is pretty well the most common
spoken word in the movie and it is delivered in so
many varied and splendid ways... gah, I love this
movie. I really like the way Ritchie shot and edited
it together.

Survivor... so... I get to play with the term a bundle of sticks...
how convenient. :D

Ok... off to play a bit...
See ya.

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