Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, Feb 26

~ eric-the-half-a-bee day (half face pic day)

Some friends are new, some are older... some are very close and some are, well... you know... less so. You take what you get and you give what you can. Best policy ever, if you want to avoid personal angst and marginalized drama. Be all of that as it may, some friends are absolutely forever and if there was a problem or an issue... you know you'd sooner dig out your eyes with popsicle sticks before you'd let that friendship slide.

With that in mind... my thoughts, hopes, wishes and love... are pouring all over the place for my forever friend Kym-Possible... The Notorious Kym... The Radio Diva... The voice in my memory and the woman in my daily thoughts. May your days bring the circle of things around and find your happiness to be a thing beyond measure. And, yes, I'm talking about nbbmom.

random thing: "Three Bags Full"... second hand clothing store (reens... it's on Hazeldean beside Henry's Photo) 90% kids clothes... black Gap jeans, basically like new... 5$. SCORE! er... wont fit Geo for another few months but he's growing fast. :D

~ red ftls
~ blue jeans
~ beige t hiding under a two tone blue warm shirt.
~ long, potentially frustrating phone calls to Bell to sort out bill consolidation between satellite, phone & LD, Mobile 1 and mobile 2
~ look for a frame for a 8 1/2 x 11 picture.
~ to take apart part of my car and try to fix the mirror thing... note: I never put screwdriver-to-car... so this should be interesting.
~ Thursday dinner at my folks house.
~ Survivor is on tonight!!
~ for the steady hands of surgeons and great gobs of good luck to be with Lisa's father (ladyfire) today.
~ I could give some hugs or something to sneetches
~ people didn't need to change their lj names (I'm not complaining... just observing...) but it confuses the hell out of me when that happens... especially when they figure it's a good time to start using all new icons. :D
~ to point out that I'm glad acoolsecretary is loud... (snicker)
~ to casually comment that princessblondie can make me sigh like you can't believe. (this is a good thing... promise. :D)
~ sending some congratulations out to txgirlie on the job score! :D Go you sugar!

My long time and very good friend knightsdawn opened up ice_cold_debate. A community for holding real debates, with an eye towards avoiding the degenerate elements of emotional arguments. Go see... Go join!

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