Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, Feb 25

~ note: sorry if those pictures didn't work for you last night... my server was crushed and required a reset this morning. :D

(insert Rosanne Rosanadanna voice here:)

So what's all this about Ass Wednesday? Sure, on the one hand we're all getting a hard time from the hard-liners that it's not polite to check out a persons ass before deciding if they're worth listening to... We're not aloud to nuzzle gorgeous bums on public elevators and it's definite jail time for lifting up a skirt to check out a thong in shopping malls (and don't get me started about attitudes at work). Then you turn around and make an international day of celebration out of them. Like we need a special day each year for appreciating the beauty and majesty of fabulous posteriors... it's not like we can escape it the rest of the time... I mean, it's not like breekola hides in the closet or something... I mean... first we power back the pancakes... then we celebrate the bum. Doesn't work for me... I say we make every wednesday Ass wednesday and get jiggy with it...


~ er... housecoat...
~ pj pants...
~ some goose bumps...
~ nice hot shower... The Extended Edition.
~ shave... yeah, shave day... :D
~ cleaning... the vacuum is screaming for me...
~ drive out to swap cars at the autobody place... didn't get to that yesterday.*
~ New West Wing tonight.
~ contemplating a poll... grrrrr....
~ that nothing but sunshine is finding it's way into and out of the hearts of Ron, Kristy and Zac... :D
~ for a second opinion to lend some better vibes to the car repair world of catherine ...
~ that the Jedi Warrior that does the traffic bits in Dallas (hulllooo ms. amyaustin) keeps herself from biting kevin smiths ass...
~ for news on the outcome of the day in the life and times of tiarafetish... the Maneater In A Tiara. (it's like a superhero thing I guess...)
~ that stephaniekaye has a safe trip...
~ and, most importantly of all... that all the powers that may be watch over Lisa's (ladyfire) father today...

* So the 200 smackers quoted by my Mech was to source and install a used 'electronic' drivers side mirror for the honda civic (after taxes etc). I called him back and said no dice and he went on to give me good advice about how to try and take the assembly apart and FORCE the old mirror to stay on, and that he would also look into the cost of getting a non-electronic used mirror (should be loads cheaper) in case the jury-rig-solution doesn't wash. All in all, another good reason to like this mechanic. He gives me options, offers to help and doesn't try to stick me with something. Oh, and the new casing for the maxima passenger mirror (the mirror itself is fine...) and a paint job for it will come to just about $100 after tax. I'm want to keep the Maxima looking good but the honda is going to be driven into the ground... (if I'm lucky).

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