Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

wading in, ... again.

How is the news I'm seeing from the US about same sex marriage possible?
Am I reading it incorrectly?
Is the current political trend one that travels away from same sex marriages towards some kind of rekindled pre-cambrian notion that the only couples are man-woman couples?

If you've followed my rants in the past... then this is old news, but let's review;

The same sex issue comes up for one of two reasons.
~ as an appeal to the laws concerning property rights and financial entitlements under law, and more specifically, under tax law.
~ as an intangible emotional struggle against the church.

Really... if the church wants to say only men and women may form sanctioned unions... well fine. These are the same people that tell us contraception is wrong and sex out of wedlock is a sin. "You get what you pay for" has never been truer and everyone that tosses in when the offering tray comes around is supporting these principles of sin and moral correctness. And if "but they do so much to support our community" is on your lips... fine... but I can think of several community organizations that could use financial support that don't make the headlines with the sort of shit the church steps in.

So if we set aside the church issues for a moment... why the hell is the political machine not waving the equality flag on the property rights and entitlements issue? Do American politicians - um, you elected them, btw, really believe that same sex rights, like these, are wrong headed. Are you going to stand by and watch your elected officials tell a life time partner that he or she has no rights to their partners property just because their gay? If it were up to me, I'd be calling for economy-halting-public-demonstrations against this foolishness.

If your marital status is on your tax return, then it's not a religious issue. Does your tax return ask you what religion you are and then go on to give or take away tax benefits as a function of your answer?

What an absolute load of crap!
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