Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, Feb 24

Morn'en... :D

You know... I got a load of cards (and some treats!!! Aimee you are soooo sweet!) and absolutely buckets of great vibes from my friends this year... (er... the birthday thing). Thanks again... it really makes me feel about 10 feet tall... and, btw, I'm not 10 feet tall... not even 6 feet tall... ok ok ... I'm actually only 4 feet tall... I'm a midget... or a madget, but that's only when I do dishes... and ok, fine, I'm not really... I'm exceptionally average... and I'm not a midget or a madget, not that there's anything wrong with that... (ahhh Jerry) but ... the point is... (yeah, there was a point) I am average in many ways... like 5'10" (and change that I mention when I'm actually asked...) but I am made to feel really wonderful by the great vibes I get from my friends.

Ok... enough of that. :D

~ green ftls
~ blue jeans
~ *cough* jet black shirt... :D
~ I have a p-z sweater on deck but I'm not there yet...
~ well, we kept Geo home again... the guy sounds like he's going to cough up an organ any second... and he can't... you know, do that hack thing to spit out the offending phlemi-bit... (oh you're glad you were reading now aren't ya)
~ so it's a day of child care...
~ a trip out to swap cars... leave Z's maxima for the mirror repair, and bring my civic home to try the Home Remedy thing... it's gonna such but I've got to try... I mean, $200... bah!
~ tonight? no plans...
~ to shoot some cheering vibes off to a sweet lil'cherry... :D (I love saying that... ) Oh, and I mean cherripop212
~ to toss some kinda random props to razzberee because I always feel lucky to see the many pictures she posts from her world. :D
~ all kinds of wishes for my friend sneetches... just loads of wishes...
~ and wanted to send some warm heart vibes over to my very long long long time lj friend... the liquid girl... lesslyn...

um... So Lent... yeah right...
My mind boggles, but whatever. :D Enjoy.
// hard core suppressed religious rant here...

Birthday CatchUp!

~ Arizona!! The land of road runners and one of my favourite new friends evah! Happy Slightly Late birthday Lyssa-snacks... (yesterday was lil_sass's birthday). May you have a wonderful year ahead... maybe a trip to see your sister, and all the very best for your family. You've brought many smiles to my days and I hope I am fortunate enough to have many many more ahead.

~ and then it's off to TEXAS!! Happy Birthday Jeanie... pookfreak... my little Adora-Monkey... (lol) You are an absolute freaking treasure and it will take an act of god to keep me out of your life (so there!). Have a wonderful birthday lil'sugar and I hope the year ahead brings you warm happy moments that you will never ever forget.

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