Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Loved FireFly tonight... :) Then again, I always love FireFly.

~ played spades at there... did a dreadfully* small amount of work on the freehand tutorials.
~ oh, you know those plain donuts you get by the plastic box-full at the discount grocery store? The ones that ooooze oil when you zap 'em for a moment in the microwave? are they good or what? clearly a good reason to not discount deep friend fat next time they rewrite the Canada Food Guide.
~ I hope things are going well for debby in her pack/move/unpack zone...
~ and that all is well with katie8471... Are you timing those?

~ the wheel is turning towards the drama thing again... and yeah, i'm being all crystal ball on ya...
~ i'm telling you it's like a wave pattern across the fields of journals... just a wee ripple right now... but ...

Be nice to people... it's the best investment you can make.

~ yeah, I really need to get some sleep.
~ I ordered Snatch Deluxe Superbit edition today...

Night night...

* I'm sorry. I will try** to never say dreadfully again... promise.

** this close (pinching fingers together gesture) to saying "endeavor"...

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