Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, Feb 23.

~ sorry... quite the menacing look there... :D I'm not really evil... I promise.

[ :: Holy freaking Darwin!!! :: ]
~ 20 years old... celebrating his birthday... and this guy "vaults himself over the ledge" ... 20 stories up... trying to get a running start in a spitting contest. geezus.

Geo is a coughing machine... poor little guy... it drives him nuts the amount of "coughing" related problems he has... but this one is a pure cold cough so puffers aren't really helping... We're keeping him home from school and my pappa is coming over in an hour to stay with the boys while Z and I take the cars in...

~ er... well a housecoat...
~ shower...
~ wake up Z
~ get us both dressed...
~ zoom away in both out cars to the autobody shop for the big mirror estimate (both cars have damaged side mirrors due a little argument the cars had in the laneway (oh be shush... )
~ come home... get Ed off to school
~ do some flash tutorial stuff
~ FireFly tonight...
~ to find out if Alias was in fact a repeat last night or if I muffed the taping somehow...
~ that gnomigirl's monitor is ok... but alas... prol'y not... is it time for a 19" LCD monitor?
~ a happy four-weeks-old-day to little Corran... that is ectv's little muffin... :D
~ to send a few smiles around the world to sweet reeris... the red streaks are beautiful...
~ and for tiarafetish... "I will not play in the car... I will not play in the car... I will not... " (snicker)

Ok... I need to go shower...
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