Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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Ug... home from TKD and grocery shopping... foul mood and foul sensation... The only real truth about recovering from anything is; don't let your body trick you into thinking you're better... it's just a ploy to get you to overextend yourself and land that body back in bed.
~ where I slept like a rock till about 15 minutes ago.

Now? I wake up to chicken in the oven and a need to do some veggies and some... rice? yeah, I think more rice... :D

It's Birthday Time

I'm behind but must indeed deal with that...

Happy Birthday Deb... That's nordicgrrl... the singing sensation from a Bar near you!! Thank you for years of wonderful friendship Deb and I hope very much that you, and your little family, enjoy a happy year ahead with milestones made of sweet memories and good fortune. :D Very quick "story about Deb" moment here; The story of the romance than lead to her marriage brought tears to my eyes and remains a hallmark memory for me... a love story worthy of sharing.

and Happy Birthday Christie . er... um that's txdevil to y'all..."Round Rock"??? Where's Round Rock? and is there a square in the middle of town? Lil'Sugar, have a wonderful year ahead.... I hope you had a grand time celebrating this year and that the year before you is one I get to share in... May you never lack for the warm skin of a lover to bury you face in... hahaha... (couldn't resist that... )

Happy Birthday Ladies... you are both treasured friends and I wish you all the best.

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