Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Hiya... :D

My poor little Geo is wracked with a cough... he's been developing all the classic cold symptoms but it took off with the "scratchy ouch" throat last night at midnight... awake and very very unhappy. :( Got the vaporizer going full tilt and z used some vics vapo rub to get the air moving. He's up with Ed now, doing the Sunday morning Nintendo thing and seems a wee bit improved ... weak tea helped...

Scroll scroll... back 210 and I gotta stop... :)

hernia talk: I'm feeling loads better... I can cough... it hurts a wee "wincing" bit but I can still cough so BIG PLUS. I've managed some of the more TMI'ish things as well... The tylonal 2's were pushed back... only had two yesterday and one of those was at bedtime. So far today... it's all good, just a thing. Now's the time to load up on being careful. I am committed to not screwing this up by doing something to hurt it.

We watched Lost In Translation last night... over all it was an "ok" movie with some laughs and warmth... although z was less enthused... However, on a special level... in a place I reserve for emotional theater that really snaps a low note in my soul... the movie scored huge points. It was like a six act play... the main character being heart ache... and it wandered in and out of intensity, with each act redefining the emotional context of the story. (deep moment here... sorry). I wanted to say "thank you" to the movie for ending the way it did...

and yes, I need to watch something that includes explosions, murder and tasteless exploitation soon... although American Splendor is still out there... (rented it last week but didn't watch it)

~ black ftls
~ pj pants... for days now...
~ gray t and a black hoodie
~ to read up on a few laptop issues
~ to go to TKD and watch... take notes on patterns... but alas, no jumping around for corto*
~ ALIAS is new tonight...
~ smiling ... a lot.
~ to send to iwillalwaysloveyouandalwayscare vibes to indianasweetie... er... with all the "appropriate" style caviets of course, so don't freak out... but really... sugar... my hopes are near by.
~ to send some smiles to a contented breekola... It's always precious to see good vibes work their way into friends lives...
~ massive wishes for a silver lining to find lynspin and her family...
~ some little wishes for my friend Christine... occipitaldruid... just 'cause.
~ that all is well with mrs TT (that Treasure Tonya) or tonya
~ to send some better vibes to woman with an amazing heart ... katy_kate
~ and some quiet hopeful vibes to alfabettezoupe

I managed a trip out-of-doors yesterday. I went to Starbucks to return a bodum coffee maker that I got for a b-day gifty... and see what could be done about the "corse ground" lb of coffee that came with it... They gave me a full refund, a new lb of coffee, ground for our regular coffee maker and a free coffee. :D I hit Future Shop to return a DVD the kids got me... (Snatch) because it was the regular version and I want to get the Superbit version but I have to order it... I felt a bit like a heel for returning gifts but ... I got over that.

Oh, and I got z a headset so she can look a wee bit more like her There avitar.

* sorry... talking in the third person is punishable by a jail-term in some countries...
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