Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


A nice night...

I hope you had a good one wherever you are...

After a little car on car action in the driveway earlier, we set ourselves on route for my MILs house after dinner.
There we were going to have a little birthday cake thing for my SIL (laurie) and yours truly.
I braved jeans (ouchi spot) and we had a nice time over there...

Dig this cake! An ice-cream cake from DQ... serious yummi here...

[ :: This is Laurie cutting the cake... :: ]

... and Edward watching his slice work it's way to his plate... :D

There was much laughing...

Geo still has "SENS" written on his forehead from an activity at school today... :D

And some playing of this game one of my nieces gave to me for a gifty...

Clearly a game with wide appeal as a post secondary drinking game... :D
... and I only mumbled "there is no spoon" once...

Any ways... we had a nice time but the kiddies got tired by 9:30 and I was starting to ache... so home again home to snack and read stories.
No trouble at all with the times tables tonight... :D
A little narnia and then they zonked.

We've been playing online for a while ... There'ing and otherwise...
But it's about time for a pill and a pillow for moi.

It's computer free Saturday tomorrow so I'll see ya on Sunday.
Oh, I said "y'all" to someone yesterday... in a perfectly normal conversation...
No IDEA where it came from... geez.
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