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The editor of MacLean’s, in a recent edition, called the PM (Martin) to task over his seemingly misguided sense of duty in overspending his time allocations in an argument with Jack Layton (NDP Leader) - the NDP only have 14 seats in Parliament... and his parties mistreatment of Shelia (the lying cow) Copps, leaving her - a liberal icon of a politician - to wade in rumors she'd jump ship for the NDP.

The criticism was that too many Liberal shakers-and-movers were getting caught up in the act of being tough... without focusing on what they need to be tough for. In the end, it's a dig at the Liberal election strategy.

A worthy topic to dig at... and a good position to do the digging from - editor of a national weekly magazine.

The thing is... I think he has it wrong.

The liberals are giving loads of time to the NDP... arguing with them, throwing them in the media spotlight, etc. knowing full well that this will invigorate the NDP flocks (of misguided sheep - but that's opinion so... whatever) and activate the NDP campaigns. They will respond to all that attention by seeking more and calling it a "roll"... as in, they are on a...

This will do nothing except ensure a greater division in the anyone but liberal vote and bring non-voter NDPers off their asses to vote. All towards the goal of reducing the likelihood of the conservatives garnering enough of a voter share to put the sweaty-with-their-vain-glorious-power liberals out on their collective asses.


You know... we should all be forced to watch a solid hour each month of CSPAN or CPAC or whatever is appropriate for your government... just to reinforce our inherent knowledge that politicians are whiney, sniveling, loud talking, blowhards that need a good time out or three.

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