Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, Feb 19.

Ok... so the front door is wide open and a little truck is making enough noise out front to wake the freaking dead! Um... hoses and tubes running around the house and ... basically everything is wet. An ideal way to great a frosty February day. :D It's carpet cleaning day in Casa De Corto.

~ still commando..
~ pj pants
~ gray t and a sweater
~ big down filled winter jacket
~ well, I'm feeling a wee bit better today... so maybe I can get back into the crash course in Flash...
~ Survivor is on tonight (as is another weeny epi of the Friends final whatever... they're, btw, too full of themselves... They should be going out with a bang not a big hug for the stalker fans!)
~ to thank you for yesterday... :) :D (beaming)
~ that little William Hung would be done with his 15 minutes already... please!
~ to send out a little HEY to the flag girl... er... that's tiarafetish
~ for good choices and better fortune to hold on to nutmeg... weddings and new houses... you know... the big stuff. :D

You know... I filled out that LJ Friends Match stuff... like over a year ago... er.. Just say'en... :D

So due to circumstances beyond my control... read: if I don't take the pictures... they don't get took! (love the grammer huh)... There are no pictures of the birthday cake my mom brought over last weekend. However, I wanted to pass along a recipe note ... just to make you drool. You know those little powdered choco truffles you can get in the sealed packages... yummi... rich like choco death, but yummi? Well what she did was made a standard choco cake (I know I posted the recipe for the worlds-greatest-choco-cake a while ago, but, alas, I didn't set it to a memory ... d'oh!) and before it went in the oven, she pressed truffles into it at 3 inch intervals... The result was a total layer of soft chocolate... it was (still is) seriously good.
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