Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

OK Jane... what's up with zoe?? :D

So i've left Jane an IM and we see zero activity in a normally very active journal... I'm thinking the oven door may just have swung open!!! I have no other real reason to believe this so don't take my word for it... but I can dream!

I am kind of goof-ily excited about her having her baby... essentially it's the first on-line birth in my journal... and from the nature of some of my friends (little loafs of bread in ovens all over!) it will not be the last!

If your reading this and you know me at all then do me a teeny little favour - just to make me feel good - and whisper under your breath... a sweet hope of health and happiness for janedeau, her man Grey, and their new baby zoe, that is if she has managed to squeeze that little mellon out yet!!

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