Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

The scene:
Z and I are goofing in the kitchen, talking about the pending arrival of carpet cleaners tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.
It's about 1:14 am.
I'm hunched over, due to ouchi thing and holding a small bag of garbage.
A hair elastic is still where z worked it into my head snuggling while watching Conan minutes earlier.
Hence I have a small horn. :D

The circumstance:
Geo pops around the corner from the stairs.
He's in his roos, holding brown-bear.

The issue:
Typically, he's awoken with a fright,
and wanted to locate us to get a snuggle and a hug,
then he would go sleepily back to bed, maybe still nervous but to bed.

The reaction:
He pops around the corner and surprises the hell out of both of us.
Quote: "holy moly... georgy... you scared the crap out of us..."
He looks at us gawking at him.
"what if we were standing here naked?"

The solution:
He's on the floor laughing...
"get up! go to bed...! goof."
He's off, giggling and running, back to bed.
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