Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ black ftls
~ blue jeans...
~ gray T and a black hoodie...
~ to go get cut... :)
~ leaving in a moment with Suzanne to drive to Arnprior
~ must be there for 9:15 and the op is at 11:15.
~ In theory, I'm supposed to be home again sometime shortly after the dinner hour.
~ projected mood? aggravated and sleepy... so I may not see ya again till tomorrow. :)
~ oh, and taping Firefly tonight. :)
~ Alias, last night... that teaser moment? NO way... "I manipulate people... I've very good at it... " he says... well d'uh.
~ all the best of fortune for pageeater in the home deal.
~ congrats to debby on her home deal
~ big props and congrats to angryvixen and circlek... new house and new engagement ring! :D
~ and serious big hugs to my Marianne... (notice how I just took possession on her? hahaha... ok, she's her own girl)... but big hugs none-the-less.

negativity needs a host
if you're going to be a vessel...
don't you think you are better spent
on something besides negativity?

all righty... Time to be hungry in a car... instead of hungry sitting here.

See you when I'm back and up to sitting here. :D
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