Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Well ... it's 10:30 and the moments of stopping and relaxing are finally upon me.
Bah... long day.

Hey.. check this out... a birthday card arrived from sneetches... and it's a brilliant card!!

Thank you Marianne... I appreciate it... (and pssst... is it ever a freaking cute card... the boys were as impressed as I!)

There's a West Wing tape calling to me from the family room...

... and a (grrrrrrr!) windows 98 install calling me from the basement.
I remember now what I hated the very most about windows 98...
reboot reboot reboot reboot reboot... just to get it to pick yer nose.
horrid! ok...whatever... old hardward needs old o/s to work... so be it.

and there's a Neslies Cruch choco bar calling to me from right beside a fresh pot of coffee... I think I'm going to listen to all these things calling me and come back to computer land later. :D
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