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another stellar day for corto.. those of you that have had crumb days... I am really sorry. Everybody deserves to feel this way!!!!

First of all... lj makes me crazy! I could seriously go for a neural implant... like a FIRE WIRE port on my head... just jack in and load up on lj... to cool - but NOT gonna happen... so GOT my natural keyboard home to get back to kick ass typing... I can pound back about 125 words a minute on a natural - after accounting for errors!!!

I hope my friend steph - the remarkably delicious (sorry but that word just works for me here) brunet banana girl - takes a shower... I mean all sweaty can be a turn on but when it just gets to be stinky... well. And while I'm here, you need an icon of the banana girl with wet hair! Why? to appeal to corto's utter self interest in this matter!

Lakme and Kassiepooh both put up incredible entries today about their lives... I very much feel fortunate to know such women ("know" as much as I can here in lj land!!).

I had a super productive day at work that will totally pail in comparison to tomorrow...

oooohhh, and I got a yum card from my pal lianna with cute little valentines for the boiz... The card was all cute puppy stuff but it still managed to talk about licking ... :)

YO! Less! get to work! You too Miss Licious... (sound of whip cracking over head!!)

Another friend of mine is going in for a significant visit to the operating table tomorrow and I want her to know I am thinking about her... I truly hope with all my heart that things go well and that you find your boi on the coast and can sing with joy when you get there. ps. and OK, I believe... I'm impressed, and I believe.

Yuck this is getting long... and I haven't said what I came here to say... about the goofy reality tv shoes this week... I'm gonna go get a little herbal (spliferific - Hi Jen, glad today is better!!) and come back to do that...

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