Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

k... I just explained this to a friend... it's something I've said sorry for the retread journal item...

and I wonder if it makes sense to anyone except me?

----------------------------------------------------- bink
There are generally speaking two types of women that fit into a discussion with me about what is attractive.

1. the beauty... looks stunning in a long dress, let alone in lingerie... heels, makeup, nails that shine and skin that is fucking airbrush perfect. "Wow... she's BEAUTIFUL" is the concept. The thing is... if a woman can look like that... the chances are it's only for a fleeting moment in the full expanse of her years... and that kind of beauty basically says to me "Come... kneel before me and worship... whip it out little man and play... for I am perfect." and Ok... I can understand that... There's a good chance she's a wicked bitch too... but yeah, I'll enjoy how fucking gorgeous she is...

2. The woman... she's got a normal body... pretty face... skin looks good 'cause she knows enough to wash... wears a nice bra... didn't buy it a Wallmart... and a t-shirt... and overalls, and kedds runners. she looks great when she comes in out of the rain and the look in her eye says to me "k'mere you... we're gonna have some fun... and I'll try not to hurt ya..."

Number 2... is a lasting beauty... and is something that can hit me like a brick in a glance... while number 1 is a very fleeting beauty and needs a shit load of work to come out from under all that attitude.

I accept that there are women who are both... but if that's the case then she's a number 2 who just happens to know how to work it.

----------------------------------------------------- bink

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