Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Having children...

After great thought and careful consideration,
I can call forth a three year old memory of my own.

I might get it wrong... or be somewhat out of time.
Three years is a moment in my life, easily confused with the others.

Having children changes the fabric of time.

It compresses into such manageable parts,
and lays itself bare to your wonder.

In a heartbeat, I am transported
to any moment in the last eight years.

I can see each event in lives of my boys,
as clearly as the how-tall-am-I? lines on the kitchen wall.

Three years ago there was a toddler and a little boy.
A world of changes in each year... let alone all three.

It's easy to see the days of their lives... and line them up.
Three years is half of a lifetime, each distinct and memorable.

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