Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

on tears... that have nothing to do with sadness.

happiness; I recall a moment when I was very young... I would be maybe 4 or possibly 5 years old... sitting on a little folding wood chair - kid size thing that we used for a hover craft with GI-Joe and his buds... - in my kiddy singlesuit bed time clothes... in front of the christmas tree... in the middle of the day... saluting the tree... listening to some christmas carol... and crying my eyes out because I was so happy. I was an odd little kid...

movies; first time I remember crying at a movie was when I was ... er... must be before 10... watching To Sir With Love. I remember that very well...

last tears; briefly... quietly... while watching a CIBC (banking) commercial the other night... ridiculous... I know ... :D

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