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well, I'm working on the valentines thingies... I'm try'en I'm try'en.

what a strange - TOTALLY strange - day I've been having... very odd.
Many little games are afoot - and I will rarely, if ever, use the word "afoot" again - and lot's of things on the go ... kindersurprise thing, valentines thing, I've discovered MSN Messenger and am seriously wondering how the hell I'd ever get a single fricking thing done if it actually worked through our firewall at work...

Hey, Z went to the spa today to get her eyebrows waxed!!! She said it was cool... she normally tweezes away at the brows but this was a little pampering thing... two things though, some stranger using hot wax on Z is a form of pampering!, and, due to a small lapse in communications Z went into the studio room with the 'aesthetician' and the lady says to Z "is this the first time you've had this done?", "Yes", "OK, well, please take of you pants and put them on the back of the door." Z was speechless. (eyebrows!!!) Needless to say, they worked that out.

hey, I remember this episode of 20-20 where they interviewed this lady that runs a kind of reverse detective agency for suspicious spouses... The woman at this place are give a ton of information by a wife (or a husband) about their significant other and she sets about a process of engaging this person in communications on the internet... The idea is that she will record everything, and try everything to get juicy bits worth recording - and prepare a comprehensive report for the client. How evil is that?

Oh, and I taped the "hairy beauty spot" tonight... I haven't watched it yet though... I was sure Jennifer was the hairy beauty spot, but she got tossed last week... So, just who can the hairy beauty spot be?

Big client day tomorrow... all morning... another new thing... every week is different. Man, no lack of surprises in my life.

There are a tonne of people I would love to be making bedtime wishes for, like laini (good luck Thursday) and daizee* (don't burn yourself - you are not some monk with a point to make!!!) but everything gets overshadowed by my serious heart felt heavy karma good vibes for janedeau. I have you down for labour tomorrow... you ready?

* what the heck d'ya pick daizee for? :D

ps .errrgggg I couldn't do that voicemail for SinGirl... have to be tomorrow...

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