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Ok, I gotta wrap this day up. So a quick post to give myself some closure on the day...

I have a new friend today... her name is laini. I am so happy to meet you - mostly cause you made me feel all special... :D

All this LJ goofiness has bread funny feelings and I'm going to declare war on them. I refuse to be paranoid (any more) and I refuse to let judgementalism creep into my world.

Love and marriage, pregnancy and birth, babies to children... these things have taken me from the realm of merely being alive to being alive and unbelievably happy about it. After those things, however, friendships figure prominently in the explanation of me... the chi or me... never before in my life have I been able to OD on the friendship chi to the degree that I have since July (the debut of my LJ life) I wouldn't trade this for anything... and phuque if I'm gonna let a few completely insignificant specs of dust masquerading as people diminish that for me.

On an UP NOTE... click thislink into the journal of a very cool friend (SixtyTen - she totally rawks) and read a hilarious song for G.W.B - Great White Bonehead, set to the music of the Beverly Hillbillies :D

Sin-Girl you have got to know that I wish you were playing with me... I'm sending you talk sender tonight ... :D

hmmmm... can I nail a voicemail to someone before I go??? Lets try...

later lj...

"how does she know who I am, and why does she give a dam about me...." (wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag)

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