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Hiya lj... today is kinda weird...

It's a real work work work day. Only saving grace was that I got to take a prospective new employee to lunch for an interview...

Working on a big time demo for a new client, have to develop a project plan for that big Alcatel contract I talked about before and I'm trying to clear my inbox, etc. for the trip to FLA next NEXT week.

In lj land... well so much to say and so little time to say it all. Today is a great day - mostly cause I'm still floating off yesterday... although somebody told me I am 'captivating' today and that has never happened before ... so the day just keeps getting better.

The day started with rain and it has turned into a truly evil stormy winter day... windy, snowy and generally yucki!! I want to be at home in a nice warm bed resting... mmmmm imagine getting paid big bucks to do just that... yes I know it would get boring... but so what... if it got too boring, I'd just quit! hahahahaha!

Ok, it's end of month time sheet hell time so I gotta go and take care of business... later lj and remember:

try to share
extend compliments
be patient
and always nibble a lip on the third kiss.

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