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Monday, February 2

Well now... we all know what today is...
There's a burning question on everyone's mind... and I've got yer answer right here;
Yes indeed... Janet Jackson’s right tit saw it's shadow...
So we've got six more weeks of wondering why they turned down Bono singing a duet with Sheryl Crow.

~ red ftls
~ dk green.. hunter green? dress pants
~ green kinda patterned collarless button up shirt
~ beige ... with a neutral light green weave... sweater:)
~ presenting stage one... of my current project... I suppose to get the go ahead to move onto stage two...
~ writing a little something at lunch... :D
~ tonight? gah! my first real sat-dish issue... new West Wing and FireFly at 9:00... tape Firefly... tape west wing when it's on in Vancouver... :)
~ play more at making a Jump Zone in a "high paz". :D :D hahaha...
~ that my lil'honey at home... my Lil'Z... to get better... (damn cold)
~ just a little hand holding moment of "I'm sorry honey" for [Unknown LJ tag] as the circle of life turns a full circle for her little pet kitty.
~ that the freaking world would give my pal raylenetaskoski a break... sheesh...
~ for a good nights sleep to find my (seemingly) many friends with insomnia...
~ I had some wizardlike insight for my friend crayolaphoenix... how about a hug or two?
~ I was sickeningly wealthy... then I'd take the family to Africa, live in J-burg for a year, and pay teaser a ridiculous amounts of money to teach me C++ et al for a year as a personal tutor... (then she could retire)...
~ and a huge "congratulations to a little swimmer named Caitlyn... That would be sneetches little sugar... and to remind you all that wonderful children reflect their parents more than parents like that usually accept credit for. !!! :D

Having killer kickass fantabulous new versions of wicked cool software applications and no serial numbers... is probably like having a rock of high test crack and no matches... just say'en. :D

Can I just toss out the notion that there is no way in heaven, on earth and between the sun and deep blue sea that J-Boy and J-Girl didn't know exactly what the score was in ripping that "conveniently removable" piece of her outfit. There is no freaking way in hell... Do you hear me? Now CBS? I don't know about that... and who the hell cares... Serves 'em right. I mean, it's not like it was an attractive tit or anything. bah!

So listen... just a note on my friend in far away Singapore... auntyadele. She's going back for another biopsy... her hubby (being really quite the sweetest guy ever) has posted again her journal and is hoping for a few prayers.
[ :: visit that post by clicking here :: ]

Dearest Adele... My hopes and prayers are winging their way around the world to you sweetheart... May fortune and all the gods smile on you today.
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