Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sundays just seem to vanish.

Took parts back to Future Shop that I was all proud of myself for getting on Friday.... zoomed from work to FS to buy stuff out of the "flyer sale" (I'm normally too late and there's nothing left)... only to find it's all crap and doesn't work. bah!

TKD was fun... but I had to spend the first hour cooling my jets waiting for Geo's class to end...

Now it's cooking time again. Up, clean, cook, TDK, FS, cook some more... I'm waiting for Survivor tonight... this will be a moment of saving grace for the day. :D

Oh OHOHOH... we watched Whale Rider last night... Not your fun of the mill movie... nothing blows up, nobody gets shot and absolutely not one single woman is call a cumbelchingroadwhore... and I really enjoyed the movie. That little girl... the one nomiated for an Oscar... she was amazing.
Now the BIG DEAL... is that last year, my adora-monkey friend pookfreak was traveling in New Zealand... and she sent us a post card with Maori Warriors on it... And I recognized them in the movie last night from the card. (they're notable for making this big-ass tongue OUT face as a part of their battle posture. :D) I still have that card... in fact it's on the wall beside my desk. :D

ok... later.

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