Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 29

See that? see that smile... ??? that's a grin!!! For many reasons and in like flint among them, are many thanks for the love you shared last night with my good friend auntyadele. You're comments to her were marvelous... thank you thank you thank you thank you... :)

I have good music in my ears... great boots on my feet (I kinda delay taking off my "I love my new boots" boots till I absolutely have to), and a world of friends all within reach of my busy little fingers... er... Ok, so I'm a cheap date... hahaha... I have some great vibes in me today... dunno for sure what that’s about but I all for letting it climb up inside and carrying me through my day.

oh, and the lyric...
I got a girl, she lives on the hill
she wont do it but her sister will...

...always make me smile.

~ red stripee ftls...
~ dk blue dockers
~ old trade-show style IBM black t-shirt hiding under z'crazy-comfy turtleneck...
~ still sloggin on the reusable engagement package... make'en headway though... :)
~ got some creative writing to get done today...
~ just sending some good vibes over mysticchyna... just 'cause.
~ some congratulations type moments to a sweet bowl of Foley sugar !!!!!! er... that's out to whoknew
~ big loving wishes... wishes for good news to wash over your family and for your strength to carry you... sweet auntyadele.
~ to welcome the ex-banana, er... stephaniekaye home from her westward adventures... and congratulate her on her achievements. (wow!)

Hey Happy Birthday Nola!!!
~ remember [ :: this :: ] ???? (the boys and I singing happy birthday to you! :D)
Today is teaser's birthday ... we met in lj somewhere before the beginning of time... and she's brought so many smiles and great moments to my life that I cannot begin to express my gratitude for her friendship. Happy Birthday sweet Nola... may you find the greatest of happiness in the next year and enjoy good health in your family.

Yeah... so I look around my friends pages and I can absolutely feel the impending doom of vibes, stress and stain. I can feel the hair raising on the back of the necks of so many of my friends when I say this... but really... tough patooties. Ladies, the moon is waxing waning, you can't hide. To those of you that succumb, I wish you all much patience in dealing with all the stuff that will now begin to frustrate and anger you... and remind you that it didn't make you feel that way last week... or at least you didn't feel like ripping heads off delicate shoulders and shitting down said necks before. Demerol is not really the answer but shit yo... how about a stiff drink... hmmm?

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