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~ software is ridiculously exciting to me... installing something new or a newer version of something I use is such a treat.

~ my brother is rather close to joining office-pop-corn-burning-guy in the flayed skin, vinegar bath...

We went to my parents house for Ed's birthday dinner... my bro is out of town with my SIL at a wine thing near Toronto... but he managed to get his gift to Edward to my moms house before he left. Edward opened his... and my nephew dutifully presented Geo, Suzanne and I with our own, apparently related, packages. Seems darling brother... aka. The Dead Guy With His Mouth Frozen In A Horrific Scream... bought us one of these...

It takes batteries... it has an "on switch".
When it's on, it whirrrrrrrs...
When you pull the trigger... one of the little nerf-like disks shoot out, propelled by a burst of air.
Oh, and all-hell-breaks-loose-in-a-fit-of-space-like-gun-noises.
Ok Ok ... no doubt we will all have a blast with them... but I'm going to work on breaking the sound feature after the first couple of days.

~ I just had a screen-wiping sneeze... er... hey, I said this was random.

~ self confidence is a strong motivator... the lack of it moves you and the abundance of it moves you... and neither end of that spectrum is immune to the impact of logics-last-gasp. Truly it, self confidence, is a road best traveled on it's middle. White line fever of the best kind.

~ Smile at people... and try to be genuine. You will make a world of difference in their lives and be a better person for your effort.

~ People will die going to Mars.

~ I have a PIP... and official "pip" hat bought in france by my mom for me. I wear it in cycles... forgetting all about it for long periods of time. I wore it today ... It's one of those black hats with a little brim at the front but you wear it with the brim at the back .. you know? Stopped in to buddy's office at work... his comment; "Yo!... are you late for a poetry reading?" After I stopped laughing... I made up several limericks that included rhyming couplets with his name. :D He made up one about Nantucket. It's all good.

~ my coworker, Sherry... re: the pictures earlier... read the thread under that post... she was very moved by the compliments and no-doubt appreciated the perspectives.

~ time slips away too damn fast...
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