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Tuesday, January 27

~ snapped as I laughed at myself attempting to make faces at my camera... :D

And you thought a bunch of pissed off cows was a problem... The morning radio drive included an interview with a WHO lady talking about all those Asian chickens that refuse to take their flu shots... So a chicken influenza virus jumps to a human with a wicked bad flu himself... the Chicken Flu mutates and "exchanges information with the human flu, learning how to transmit respiritorially (sp?) ... and it's pandemic time." Within four months it reaches Canada and we're talking 50,000 dead... So yes, we're working on an anti-viral."

Just to make sure you don't miss out on the true Hollywood potential here, that means they are mutating the chicken flu with human flu in their labs to make the new killer flu and therefore have the tools to make the immunization drugs... People? Their labs are prol'y not on the south pole... Try Atlanta. Lets all hope everybody there washes their hands at the end of the work day. Um... have you seen 28 Days? How about 12 Monkeys...

So who's up for Chicken Satay at the local Thai restaurant tonight?

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ beige t and a dk blue button up shirt... :) (My letterman outfit)
~ dive into some excel macro stuff that will surely drive me bonkers...
~ more words-on-paper for the project...
~ injecting lethal doses of dissolved Pezz candies into my brain to avoid the previous two items...
~ oh, and a lunch with a coworker... :D
~ for some happiness to find it's way to Turkey... and snuggle up with my friend reeris... I hope you're ok sugar.
~ you could see how big my kumi inspired smile was this morning...
~ there was something really worth while I could toss over to a sweet friend... passerine... pammy... hugs...
~ that my pal raylenetaskoski remembers her shovel if she leaves the house today...
~ that my friend ectv managed to get a little tiny bundle of love (well, 9 lbs... not so tiny) stuck to her boob last night... and that she found some sleep...
~ for some sweet weather relief to find my buddies in North Carolina, Virginia (and yes, I miss-spelled it again, but caught it) and other snow drenched parts south...
~ that my sweet friend ladyfire loses the flu bug and does not gain the handle sweet'n'sour with any goober-to-booger-emails she'll regret. :)
~ to send a few warm moments of lj love'en over to sirenity... you've got a wonderful heart Sweets...
~ and a wee little bit of karma... sweet, warm and comforting... off to a girl with a heart as big as all get out... Have a great day today breekola.

Today... January 27th... Is my youngest son's birthday... Edward Andrew John turns six today... Six years ago today, a 10 (TEN) pound little snuggle muffin crawled into my heart... and there is no force on earth that can pry that love away... Happy Birthday you little snook... I love you THIS much.
~ imagine great big, spread arms, sorta gesture... :D
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