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~ dance me outside....

I don't know where that line came from... but it bubbles up in me often. I don't what it's supposed to mean... but for me... it's all about personal, emotional strength... dancing in the face of all that gets in your way.

I left a small tupperware box of fresh, crisp, red grapes in the car... I look forward to them all day long. They will be almost frozen (and please spare me the frozen grape references... :D) and each one will taste like a bit of heaven on the long... wicked cold... drive home.

For my own reasons I suppose... but I think I would put it in words this way;

While considering my place in the world, a long lost friend snuck in and smooched me.
When gracious friends gave me kindness... they made it possible for me to pay it forward.
Where there are tears, there need not be sadness, and even if I'm about as smushy as a sponge, happy tears for
~ friends that are preggers...
~ friends that are getting married...
~ friends that have healthy tiny miniature twins...
~ friends that busy having their baby (right now, btw)...
...are all the sorts of tears that remind me of my humanity.
Dancing myself outside is soooo working.

K... I need to get go'en.
Time to drive. :)
Later skaters...
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