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A little BB update for my LJ.
Last night was nomination night... an event the HGs are now calling "Fry TV". (Editor: So, I kinda nailed it with the 6 way tie - I missed on the details but tough. Six way tie!!? that is going to seriously dilute the votes) Everybody is nominated except Jamie - 2 votes for 5 of 'em and George gets 3 votes.
The hostess, Julie Chen, a serious journalist, was busy adding to her basket of "things I have done to limit my career" last night. In light of all nomination related activities, they - once again - brought in the Dr. to talk about the HGs... Heres how I wish it would have gone (and it would have if they'd just start taking this "reality TV" thing seriously):
Julie: "Well the nominations are almost all in now, and we have Dr. Your-License-Should-Be-Revoked here to talk about whats been happening."
Julie: "So, Doc, our Head-Fuck of these people is almost complete.... any thoughts?"

First, they give Micheal Jackson (aka Miss Washington with a makeup bag from hell) her big reward for some challenge... They put an academy award winning casting director and her mom in the Redrum and tell Jamie she has two minutes with ONE of 'em ... "you have 30 seconds to choose". So she correctly pics the casting director (I mean she'll see mom soon enuf) and what does she do? She gets in there and talk's his ear off for 1 minute and 50 seconds and then says "Whats your advice?" Beeep "Sorry Jamie, your time is up" can u spell Loooooooooooooser. She is going to spend all week kicking herself - which in itself should be a riot. She will be in fine form this week, as the only non-nominated HG ... good live feed material there. George, on the other hand, will come undone this week. It took (is still taking?) him all night to grasp the concept of a 5 way tie. He has since been in the Redrum with his BB suitcase (I'm assuming packed and ready to go?) I'll say serious emotional freak-out comming by Monday. Sick, I know, but voyaristically, fun too. He'll get over it... (unlike Karen she-with-all-those-extra-gums-in-her-mouth who will be an unfortunate statistic inside of a year).
So back to the grand head-fuck (ps. is that too harsh a word for anybody reading this? seriously... I just love the way it sounds but it looks a little harsh when I type it... it is totally applicable!!, Anyways... how 'bout I type HF instead.)
Julie (the-soon-to-be-a-game-show-host-just-to-make-a-living) interviews this lady representing AOL (assholes on line) and talks about some popularity pole AOL has run (by the way the ladies name escapes me... but - honestly - it sounds like Vagina Dipshit or something...) and she (Vagina) presents a few message board posts that are SO COMPLETELY OFF BASE as representations of public opinion it's sad and then she and Julie take the captives on a (HF) ride through their own popularity... Curtis is the least popular and The Brat is the most popular.
Remember the massage the Eddi got the otherday.. they roll in a tv again and all the HGs decide to leave - thinking they (BB) are going to show nominations to 'em (HF) but Julie stops 'em short to say it's a vid of the massage.... weeee, lets watch Eddi explode 'cause it was Mega giving the massage... Eddi manages to - to his great credit - take it beautifully, clearly ruining Julies day.
Ok, live feeds showing much concern among the HGs re: nominations, even though they had agreed to "not let it get to them".. ha! The Brat and Big Looser are one long snuggle - they are destined to get drunk and neck on this show (Julie will absolutley wet her pants if she gets the chance to HF them over that!)
Thats it for now...

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