Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Edwards day...

A week of birthday moments begins...
[:: ... with squeaky cold snow and cars warming in the laneway... :: ]

This one was for the "kids party"....

Edward wanted a "white cake with white icing"... "oh, and with harry potter!" mmmoksurenoproblem. :D

So I made a new recipe from the "cake" book I got for christmas...
[:: so we start with a well iced 4 layer cake... :: ]
[:: little decorations... :: ]
[:: add Harry Potter... . :: ]
[:: and... ta da! :D :: ]
[:: It was - is - a yummy cake, but I prefer chocolate! :: ]

We went to a McDonalds Fun Zone... for a booked party... and for a bunch of six year olds... this was ideal... No muss, no fuss, a helper, loot bags, and a coupon book for 12 happy meals for the birthday boy. :D

[:: kids, hats, and McDeath food... :D :: ]
[:: This is Austen... a friend... who always looks slightly disheveled and forever cute. :: ]
A boy and his cake...

[:: and "A boy and his prezzies..." :: ]

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